Our Internet Solutions provide an answer to any business need. Whether you are an ISP, cellular operator or a corporate customer requiring uncapped, unlimited internet connectivity, Our Internet connectivity solutions connect you to the world through  multiple, redundant tier-1 Internet exchange points, backed up by our  24 x 7 Technical Assistance Centre

IP Trunking

ISPs, cellular operators and PTTs/PTOs, can enjoy large volumes of dedicated satellite Internet connectivity. The expertise of our technical partners and economy of scale enable the service to be provided over station kept or inclined orbit satellites

  • Super-reliable Tier-1 internet connectivity
  • Service available on many satellites with various geographical footprints
  • High quality C-Band and Ku-Band service


Corporate and enterprise customers, requiring  dedicated or shared satellite Internet connectivity can rely on our VSAT services to deliver uncapped, unlimited service in the most remote places, on land or at sea

  • UNCAPPED, UNLIMTED variety of service packages supporting varying needs
  • Superior service quality, even in the most remote areas
  • Powered by iDirect technology for reliable, fast and easy installation


Connecting corporate and carrier customers in key locations to the world through multiple international submarine cables and providing a wide variety of services assured connectivity with multiple fibre source

  • Terminate traffic anywhere around the globe
  • Choice of last mile connections


Organizations that require their data to be secluded from the outer world can rely on our Private Networks Solutions.

Our technical partner (SkyVision) has years of expertise in planning, deploying and managing variety of customer’s network solutions, from point-to-point to large scale global networks, for cellular operators, government, corporate and NGO customers

Corporate Private Network

Securely connect your branches to share video, voice and business applications over a dedicated, reliable private network sourced at your head office.

  • Cost effective, scalable solution: Easily keeps pace with network growth
  • Rapid service and support: Local presence means immediate response
  • Flexibility: we design the right solution with the right mix of technologies

Satellite Cellular Backhaul

Our Satellite Cellular Backhaul Solutions assist cellular operators expand their network reach to remote location, optimize traffic and save up to 70% on CAPEX and OPEX

  • Extends the reach of cellular networks to new geographies
  • Saves up to 70% on CAPEX and OPEX, compared to other solutions
  • Highly scalable solution
  • Optimization of cellular traffic
  • Provides backup connectivity solution for critical stations

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Utilizing our VSAT hubs, securely connect your branches to share video, voice and business applications, while saving on head office infrastructure

  • Attentive local presence, with fastest possible service and support
  • Built-in flexibility, with customized solutions that offer the right mix of technologies
  • Cost effective, scalable solution, easily keeping pace with network growth


At sea, on land, or in flight, where no standard telecommunications methods are available, our Mobile Satellite Services enable you to easily and rapidly connect anywhere, anytime. We offer the widest choice of Mobile Satellite Services available today, based on the leading satellite platforms of Inmarsat, Iridium and Thuraya – ensuring comprehensive global coverage. Taking advantage of these powerful satellite networks, our subscribers can use voice and high-speed data services to communicate to and from areas with no terrestrial network coverage


TV distribution or contribution, Satcom services hosting or VNO, our state of the art teleports and PoPs around the world are more than capable to uplink and broadcast any of the services you wish to deploy to any corner of the world. All our teleports are manned 24/7, have multiple power sources, employ safety regulations and connected to multiple international fibre connections. Various antenna sizes, frequencies and technologies are available, so you can concentrate on your business and we will provide you with a choice of service.

Channel contribution and distribution, occasional use and turnaround services – our state of the art teleports and PoPs deliver your content in any format to any platform or device around the world.

All our teleports are manned 24/7, has multiple power sources, employ safety regulations and connected to multiple international fibre connections and utilizing various satellite antenna sizes, frequencies and technologies to ensure your contend is delivered uninterrupted over satellite, fiber over the internet.

  • Global TV distribution to direct to home (DTH) viewers
  • HD and SD content and channel contribution & distribution over satellite, fiber and over the internet
  • Occasional Use (OU) and turnaround services for live events using DSNG and  portable platforms
  • IPTV, OTT and streaming platforms, connecting you to CDNs around the world
  • Content aggregation and video encoding to multiple platforms and device
  • Portability & Mobility

Sometimes an ordinary VSAT cannot be accommodated when you are travelling, and you need a more ruggedized, portable solution to connect you at very remote locations, or on-the-move solution while you need to stay connected during the travel. Our Portability and Mobility solutions provides you with a comprehensive portfolio of Mobile Satellite Services (MSS), flyaway VSAT kits, Cell on Wheels (COW) and Satcom on the move (SOTM) solutions, all tailored to match your exact requirements for connectivity, at sea, on land, or in flight


We have a line of Value Added Services supporting corporate networks, fibre solutions and internet links.

Managed Firewall

Our Managed Firewall service removes the difficulties involved in hardware integration and software maintenance, while providing content filtering and unified threat management (UTM) as part of an elegant, integrated, cost-effective solution.

  • Improves an organization’s productivity and network protection
  • Increases link utilization by enabling only approved traffic
  • No capital purchases involved
  • Fully safe-guarded against technology obsolescence
  • Minimal operating expenses – reduced manpower and hardware requirements
  • Scalable to meet increases in traffic – without additional investments
  • Easily added to any of our links


Our teleports and POPs around the world are more than capable to host your antennas and collocate your RF and IP equipment. All our teleports and POPs are designed according to the most demanding standards, fully air-conditioned and employing fire extinguishing systems, UPS and a power generators.

  • Just the rack space you need – scalable from 5U to full racks
  • Visibility – out-of-band management ensures you can manage your equipment anytime
  • Redundant – 2 mains power sources to keep your service up and running

Solar Power Solutions

Our Solar Power Solutions deliver independent power ensuring your critical business operations keep on working. Whether our customers operate a remote base station of a cellular network, a far community school, a health centre, or an expedition campground in the outback when the sun is shining, a solar-powered system is the most reliable, cost-effective solution to keep business – connected and operational.

Independent – from several hours up to several days of operation without sun exposure

  • Modular and scalable – grows with your business needs
  • Easy and safe installation
  • Low maintenance costs


We have broad experience in providing organizations with precisely designed solutions. Using combined RF & IP expertise to meet each individual organization’s requirements. We enable connectivity for corporate applications, VoIP, email, video, data, video conferencing, and online meeting tools.

Our Professional Services include:

  • 24/7 multilingual Technical Assistance
  • Center (TAC)
  • Network Operation Center (NOC)
  • Network design
  • Monitoring and reporting
  • Customer certification training
  • On-site support, maintenance, installation and activation
  • Customer network management


Our cloud based solutions enables customers to reduce overall IT expenses by deploying new applications without having to purchase additional hardware, software licences, or be concerned with scaling up or down their computing and storage resources.

Dedicated Servers

Our Dedicated Servers is an IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) solution designed for organizations that require a highly reliable, customized configuration hosting solution. Whether deployed as the primary infrastructure or integrated into your business continuity plan, our Dedicated Servers provide the required infrastructure, servers and storage for your organization’s applications allowing your organization to benefit from better performing ERP, CRM, and other applications and websites.

Hosted Email Services

Budget-friendly professional email hosting with business email features and private domains. Our hosted email services are easily deployed, without the need to invest in, operate and manage onsite email servers and systems. Business email hosting offers organizations a host of advantages over free consumer email hosting services, delivering a cost-effective, resilient, scalable, advertising free and secure business grade email solution.

Cloud Storage Service

Providing dynamic and scalable storage space, users can add as much or as little data as desired without the worry of overbuying/underutilizing or depleting their storage space. Our Cloud Storage enables users to pay for space they actually use and enjoy the benefits of reliable, highly secure online file storage.


Our Voice Services offer business-grade, VoIP-based, international calling services that are fully compatible with all our internet access and VPN services. Enhance your organization’s operational effectiveness while substantially reducing costs. Our Voice Services provide flawless voice communications, connecting corporate headquarters, branch offices, and remote staff. No matter where you are located – We deliver excellent quality Voice-over-IP international calls to both fixed and mobile phone numbers, as well as low-cost inbound calling options. Your organization can now dramatically reduce the cost of international calls by eliminating the need for expensive mobile and landline calling rates. Furthermore, with our Voice Services, On Net VoIP calls are free of charge.

Voice Line

Our Voice Line is a premium VoIP service that enables customers to make international voice calls without investing in an onsite VoIP PBX. The Voice Line provides a full set of popular calling features. Our Voice Line also enables customers to save on both inbound and outbound calls and is offered with a selection of cost-effective calling plans. Our Voice Line service subscribers can use regular phone sets to place international voice calls by simply connecting it to a VoIP ATA provided by our technical partners (SkyVision).

SIP Trunk

Our SIP Trunking is a premium VoIP service designed for customers, already equipped with an IP-PBX, who seek cost-effective ways to carry high-quality voice over an IP network. The SIP Trunking acts as the enterprise IP-PBX gateway for international calls to any destination in the world, resulting in increased capacity utilization, administrative simplification, and capital expenditure savings.


Customers who utilize the Voice Services can take advantage of virtual phone numbers from a variety of counties for international DIDs (Direct Inward Dialling). This service allows callers to make a local phone call to reach SkyVision Voice Service subscribers in other countries. Our DID service decreases the cost of inbound calls by bypassing the high rates for international calls. Our customers can choose one or more local phone number from countries all over the world.