Interractive Cell Broadcast

Akede Media has partnered with Celltick Technologies to Market its Cell Broadcast Solution in Nigeria. Celltick is the leading provider of idle screen mobile marketing solutions. Led by LiveScreen® Media – a unique managed service that transforms the idle screen into an interactive mobile media channel – Celltick leverages and personalizes the mobile phone to generate value throughout the mobile marketing ecosystem. Enabling cost-effective mass subscriber reach, creating unprecedented monetizing opportunities for operators, advertisers and content providers, and enhancing the user experience, Celltick delivers on the promise of mobile marketing.


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Would you like to receive Sports Scores, Live Broadcast Commentaries, News, timely offers, fun and interesting information on your mobile phone for FREE?

Akede Media is excited to offer you the ability to receive Information, offers and great content on your mobile phone, all for Free. With Celltick technologies solution, LiveScreen™ Media, we deliver messages to your phone when it is not in use (i.e., when it is idle) and in concert with your service provider (i.e., it’s free to you). Messages are delivered throughout the day and include content such as your weather (including the forecast for the next few days), sports scores for your teams, a variety of trivia, and other fun and helpful information. Some of the messages delivered to the phone include great offers from nearby retailers that you can take advantage of by either showing your phone at the local shop or utilising our Click-to-Call features that allow you to directly dial and order merchandise at a discount and have the purchases delivered directly to your door.

Celltick LiveScreen Media solution is non-obtrusive – we don’t interrupt you while you are using your phone (e.g., making phone calls or sending text messages). We also want to make sure that you don’t miss any of the messages, so we automatically store them on the phone for you to review at your leisure.

Sound too good to be true? Are you wondering if your carrier is offering the Akede Media solution? Click here and find out the carriers that we are currently partnering with and how you can start using the Akede Media solution today!


If you are looking for a mobile advertising solution that lets you target your desired audience with a proven unprecedented level of engagement, and an ability to measure the effectiveness of your campaigns in a timely manner, look no further!

Akede Media has brought to market a permission based mobile advertising solution with the highest reach possible that enables delivery of targeted and relevant rich media advertising to consumers in a non-intrusive manner. The solution has demonstrated an unprecedented level of engagement and has enjoyed a very high degree of consumer satisfaction.

Akede Media, using Cellticks LiveScreen Media solution, provides advertisers with access to prime real-estate on the mobile device by delivering messages from brands to a mobile phone’s idle screen (also known as home screen or welcome screen), when the device is not being actively used for another purpose (i.e., phone call or web browsing). Since the delivery of these messages is not part of another experience, it does not interrupt or interfere with something the subscriber may be trying to do with their mobile device. Instead, it fills some of the idle time with informative, valuable, and entertaining messages leading to a positive consumer experience and consequently very high levels of consumer engagement.

Celltick’s LiveScreen Media solution supports a variety of calls to action (e.g., click to call), as well as the ability to conduct surveys and polls. The results are immediate, measurable, and quantifiable.

In addition to receiving discounts and offers on the idle screen of the phone, a subscriber has the opportunity to reengage with the messages as it automatically replays until replaced by a more recent message. This helps advertisers render additional brand impressions while enabling consumers the ability to redeem offers as well as review messages they may have missed during the idle screen delivery.

By giving advertisers the ability to target messages by time-of-day, day-of-week, age, gender, location, device type, etc., Akede Media is helping realise the one-on-one marketing vision. Timely feedback about consumer response to a campaign gives advertisers the ability to quickly adjust marketing strategy and drive results for their business in near real-time.

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How It Works

Delivering advertising on Akede Media’s cutting-edge mobile advertising platform is straightforward and simple.

Step 1: Personal Consultation

A member of our knowledgeable account team will guide you through the process of setting up your mobile advertising campaign. They will provide you with advice on how to best reach your target audience and accomplish your advertising goals. Whether you are looking to increase brand awareness, announce a sale, or deliver a coupon, Akede Media’s unique advertising solution is the best way to target your customers.

Step 2: Creating Your Ad

Because this is a relatively new advertising medium, we realize that you will have design questions. Our highly qualified design team is on-hand to assist you throughout the process. The team is also available for custom ad creation.

Step 3: Delivering the Ad

Akede Media will use its powerful ad-serving platform to pinpoint your target audience and schedule ad delivery. Upon completion, your account rep will provide you with an in-depth analysis of campaign performance. From demographics to click-through-rates, Akede Media provides the analytics you need to measure the success of your mobile advertising campaigns!

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If you are looking for a proven marketing medium that lets you: deliver an enhanced service experience to build subscriber loyalty; promote your products and services; reduce CRM costs; and realize high margin advertising revenue, look no further!

Akede Media’s solution enables Mobile Operators to engage subscribers who decide not to opt out via targeted and relevant messages. These messages are delivered to the idle screens of mobile handsets when the devices are not being used actively. By delivering graphically rich, interactive, and timely messages to the prime real-estate on mobile devices, Operators are able to deliver a very positive and enjoyable experience to their subscribers. Given the ability to personalize this service offering, Operators can strengthen their relationship with their existing subscriber base and drive loyalty and retention.

Through our solution Operators can deliver highly targeted messages that help them drive discovery and adoption of existing products and services (e.g., ringtones, wallpapers, etc.). Additionally, Operators can deliver self-service information to subscribers (e.g., minutes usage, account balance, etc.) thereby reducing customer care calls while at the same time enabling subscribers to get the most out of their service. Operators have the ability to deliver targeted service cross-sell and up-sell promotional messages to subscribers, with immediate calls to action for conversion. Operators now have access to a marketing medium that is proving to be far more effective than SMS, email or other traditional approaches. With near real-time feedback on consumer response to a campaign, there is never a question about ROI.

In addition to promoting subscriber loyalty and driving usage of existing products and services, Akede Media enables a new high-margin third party advertising revenue stream for Operators. By delivering a rich mix of content, Operator messages, and very targeted and relevant offer oriented messages from advertisers, Akede Media will be able to achieve unprecedented subscriber engagement and very high levels of satisfaction.

Operators have complete control over how many and what kind of messages are delivered to their subscribers each day. Furthermore, by being able to target all subscribers with Cell Broadcast capable handsets, Operators are able to reach a disproportionate majority of their subscriber base.

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Content Providers

If you are looking to get your content in front of millions of mobile consumers, your solution is here!

The mobile platform offers the opportunity for instant gratification to consumers and hence instant results for creative content providers! Mobile Content now represents the ideal way to reach the most attractive consumer demographic: upwardly mobile consumers who are always on the go and pressed for precious minutes during the day, they still want to stay entertained and informed.

Akede Media enables delivery of targeted and relevant content to consumers that opt-in to receive such offers in a non-intrusive manner. Through Akede Media’s solution, content providers can radically expand their reach, effectiveness, and conversion rates by transforming the mobile phone into a highly personal, valuable and targeted medium that consumers want to use. The results are immediate and quantifiable.

Akede Media’s platform enables content providers to communicate effectively without having to invest in building out their own proprietary solutions. Akede Media’s solution provides content providers access to prime real-estate on mobile devices, utilizing the idle screen (also known as home screen or welcome screen), when the phone is not actively engaged in another activity (being used – i.e., phone call or web browsing). Content can be targeted and the interest can be measured by Age, Gender, location, Time-of-Day, Day-of-Week, etc. The idle screen has no real-estate limitations and the initial banners that are delivered are larger, graphically rich and interactive. By delivering an exceptionally high level of engagement, Akede Media enables Content Providers to deliver free content and use that to drive awareness of their premium content services and product offerings, in addition to the monetization opportunity afforded by tying advertising to the content (i.e., sponsored content).

Mobile services


Media – filling of mobile phones (melodies, a pictures, java-game and apps).

Users of the given service have an opportunity to personalize their mobile phone, filling it with various media – ringtones elements, themes and images, and also games and appendices.

The user of this service sends an sms-inquiry on one of service numbers of the content – provider and receives a WAP-reference of chosen element as an answer.

For downloading of a media-element by means of WAP-reference the subscriber’s phone should be adjusted for work with WAP-service.

Picture Sharing

Subscribers get to share pictures taken from their mobile phones and digital camera’s with their community of family and friends on the go using the mobile phone. It’s a WAP dependent service

Interactive services

The interactive services are possible with the help of SMS and MMS technology. Service implementation examples include:

  1. SMS voting (entertaining and marketing service)
    To take part in voting, the subscriber would send sms on short number.
    The message has to contain the name of the voting or the number of a variant. There is an opportunity to check the current results of voting at any moment with the help of SMS.
    One of the functions of sms voting is studying the opinion of a target audience, calculation of votes, and also the reception of quantitative and qualitative marketing parameters. Thus, this service has ample opportunities including: studying of demand for production and services and definition of the opinion of the audience, students, consumers of production or service (TV, radio, mass actions)
  2. SMS quiz (entertaining and marketing service)
    Each quiz has a unique name. To take part in a quiz, the subscriber whould send the sms-message on short service number. Thereafter, an automatic response comes in the form of an sms-message containing the first question.
    Questions are sent in a certain order. The subscriber chooses a right answer and sends it on the same service number. The subscriber then receives the following questions of the quiz (Number of questions is defined beforehand).
    For the true answer the player will obtain an amount of points corresponding to the question complexity, for the incorrect answer, the subscriber does not receive anything or may lose some points.
    The winners are selected by a certain scheme at the end of the quiz.
    Opportunities of this type of service: games for television and radio for mass reach, and also attracting the attention to goods or service through a quiz.
  3. Any interactive service – on demand
    Text services by inquiry.
    The subscriber has an opportunity to receive the required information on various service themes which are entertaining and informative in character with the help of inquiry through sms-service. The user sends a sms-inquiry to one of the service numbers and receives the information in a text message.
    Text services on a subscription.
    The subscriber has an opportunity to receive the required information on various thematic services of entertaining and information character with the help of inquiry through sms-service repeatedly (it is limited quantitatively and in time). The user sends sms-inquiry to one of service numbers of the content – provider and as an answer receives the information in several text messages of the certain amount during the certain time interval.
    Every text service by subscription has an unique name, thus, it is possible to provide segmentation based on themes sections.