Celltick is the leading provider of idle screen mobile marketing solutions. Led by LiveScreen® Media – a unique managed service that transforms the idle screen into an interactive mobile media channel – Celltick leverages and personalizes the mobile phone to generate value throughout the mobile marketing ecosystem. Enabling cost-effective mass subscriber reach, creating unprecedented monetizing opportunities for operators, advertisers and content providers, and enhancing the user experience, Celltick delivers on the promise of mobile marketing.

Celltick unleashes the power of the idle screen, enabling operators, advertisers and content providers to overcome the limitations of traditional mobile marketing approaches. By using Celltick’s LiveScreen Media managed service – comprised of a delivery platform, local and international content, and brand advertising – subscribers can complete “transactions” in just two clicks, whether consuming content, responding to promotions, or activating value-added services. And since Celltick’s non-intrusive solutions utilize proven broadcast technology, are deployed as a SIM-embedded or handset client, and support all major network infrastructures, they cost-effectively reach millions of subscribers in just seconds.